THE KISSIHM is AET’s software responsible for human-machine interface. The software is developed by AET in globally recognized platforms, such as WINCC (Siemens), Factory Talk View (Rockwell), Vijeo Citect e Wonderware software (Schneider Electric), Elipse Scada and Elipse E3.

The following KISSIHM characteristics and functionalities stand out:

  • Graphic customization;
  • Alarm reports;
  • Alarms and events management;
  • Automatic operation through HMI;
  • Manual operation through HMI;
  • Maintenance operation through HMI;
  • Start industrial operation per stage;
  • Machines and sensors working hour visualization;
  • Process parameters management;
  • Recipe management;
  • Products and orders management;
  • Silo products management;
  • Performance management;
  • Inventory logistic management;
  • Products statistics;
  • Products traceability;
  • Antivirus and firewall protection.